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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's scary but i don't know what the answer was. >> two guns brought to two schools in two weeks, how the police chief plans to improve safety. . >> an 18-year-old student at central high was shot and killed while walking to school here this morning. >> another beautiful night across baltimore but how long will the streak last? stay tuned for the forecast. >> you know them. they are the ones who don't watch what they eat or drink but still don't gain weight. blame it on the bacteria. the news starts right now. >> we start with new information, 70-year-old norman gate wood charged with breaking the law that let his grandson get his gun. a 13-year-old rode the bus to school with a gun. when he showed it off during class the teacher was quick to wrestle it away, pin him down
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until more help arrived. nobody was shot but everybody was scared. >> i understand it was just a fight at the school there was a lockdown. seemed road there was a lockdown for the school on a fight. so i immediately rushed up and shortly after that got the kids out. >> reporter: the teacher is being praised for putting her life on the line to protect her students. that make itself to gun stories in two weeks in baltimore. >> parents you want to know if your child will be safe . >> reporter: there are the obvious concerns following two incidents of guns in schooling now concerns over how to make schools safer. the idea from the police chief is to use a metal detecting wand but only when there is reason to be suspicious. football practice took over the field at the school tonight. the earlier incident of a gun inside a classroom didn't stop the young players from running
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drills. >> two incidents in the beginning of the school year. >> reporter: baltimore police say an 8th grader waved a gun at his teacher and his classmates before pointing it at himself. this followed a shooting at perry hall high on the first day of school. >> this is a middle school. 10-year-old. >> reporter: the incident has the police chief coming up with this precaution. >> the metal wand, security devices, will be used only when a police officer has reasonable suspicious that a crime is or is about to happen. >> how do you know a kid suspected because they have long hair or black hair? what is suspicious. >> reporter: the idea is a tough sell for parents. >> it'll be hard in my opinion for them to see what's suspicious. kids could walk in normally and have the gun in the book bag. >> i really don't like it.
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. >> reporter: the mischief said he will increase the number of school resource officers, right now there are about 60 officers. >> i would say that's a good idea. >> reporter: more police officers inside schools and the possibility of being subjected to a metal detector are the immediate changes. >> may deter. who would think they would have guns. >> reporter: those changes we are told will take effect immediately but the superintendent of schools said that a study may bring about other safety improvements. cheryl connor. >> in light of the two incidents early in the school year baltimore county police chief is offering reminder to gun owners. he showed off a few weapon that were up -- unloaded but locked up. he said you can secure your weapon for as little as a dollar and he said he did a google search to back it up. >> teachable moment for our county, citizens and our
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schools, lock the weapons up. keep these weapons secured. >> he said it only takes seconds to unlock the gun and you can keep that key on the key chain. >> so, what does the man in charge say he will do? christian continues our team coverage getting answers from the new county soup. >> reporter: the shooting shooting and the gun have gotten attention of parents. tonight they turn to hear what the new stew has to say about keeping their kids safe at school. two weeks, two guns inside a school. >> it was scary. it was. >> reporter: leaving parents to wonder whether everything possible is being done to keep their children safe. >> academics is important but safety, they go hand in hand. >> reporter: the new superintendent of baltimore county school system met with parents tonight. some came to hear about discipline are you policies
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aimed at fewer suspensions . >> i think it's going to make a lot of parents unhappy if these things happening to their kids. >> the. >> reporter: after today's incident it became a main concern. the number of school resource officers will be increased and those officers will be issued handheld metal detectors. >> students being safe at school, arriving home statement that's the first thing that needs to be met. >> reporter: some want to know if permanent metal detectors should be put in at entrances. >> i'm not ready to rule it out. not ready sue say we are going to jump in. we need to take a deliberate approach. >> reporter: the superintendent said he is developing an office of safety and security. the school stayed open after the incident and will be open
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tomorrow. abc 2news. >> we go to capitol heights where a student was shot and killed walking to school. 18-year-old was found on the ground on old central avenue just before seven. he was attending central high cool. the principal said he was a strong student in a program called show time cotour this is for students interested in modeling and fashion. when asked if there were problems inside the school the principal referred that to police. . and then daniel the 17-year- old shot on the first day of school while eating lunch. shock trauma has been his home for the last 15 days. his parents said he is walking better, feeling better but still has a long road to recovery. as he gives us the thumbs up he lets us know everything is going to be okay. there is the thumb. >> he is a fighter and has fought from the minute he was hurt. i couldn't ask for a better son. >> he feels really good being home, playing with his dogs,
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his ravens won last night. robert gladden junior is being held for the shooting. police say he brought the weapon to school, put it together and fired. he has a bail review hearing on thursday. >> we are working for you following both of these stories, the gun and the shooting. get the very latest breaking news updates around the clock on the website. >> weather wise we have had a crystal clear tuesday around here and tonight much the same. temperatures falling off after being in the 80s earlier today, low 80's in spots and upper 70s, now 50s on the board. 56 millersville. belaire a cool 55. cheter town 55, shady side at 58 right now. we are clear on the board, clear across the east. we are watching a developing frontal boundary west of the northern plains out in the high mountain country here. this system will eventually be crossing the united states,
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pushing our way toward the weekend. in the meantime it's a clear and cool night. great for sleeping and the sun will be back tomorrow. >> new details on the story we told you about last night. we know the name of the person police are looking for in connection with the double murder. ron and mark lee pepper were found dead. police are trying to track down their live in grandson matthew long. police want to talk to him but stopped short of calling him a person of interest. >> obviously because he lived there, we are interested in talking to him. it's pleiomery at this point to say if he was a person of interest. i wouldn't say that. >> police believe that the peppers died saturday. they aren't being specific about how they were killed, only saying they were not shot and that this was not a random attack. >> tomorrow family and friends
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will say their good-byes to a hartford county corporal. he was killed last weekend in a car crash. a viewing was held. his funeral will take place tomorrow at mountain christian church. >> across the country and right here we remembered what happened 11 years ago today. thousands died during the september 11th attacks. 68 people were lost from hour state. today they gathered at the memorial with the police and fire department right there at. it was built with two steel beams the wreck of the towers. the county executive said we remember the victims as well as the heros who saved lives. time hasn't healed the wounds for everybody. muslims say it's a reminder. >> i think for most of our past ten, 11 years have been reasonablely quiet.
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>> the doctor who -- the president of the maryland chapter -- said while the backlash is still there it's minimal. >> there were tributes across the country today to remember those lost. >> and this year's ceremony different from years past at ground zero. >> reporter: we all remember where we were 11 years ago when we first heard the news. >> like it happened yesterday. just as bad. >> reporter: at point look out where residents gathered on 9/11 messages are left to those who died. dawn lost her two brothers. >> it's tough to revisit it all the time like this but we always like coming here. it's very special. >> reporter: at ground zero in manhattan loved ones gathered around the two memorial pools. >> all of these people are now my family. so to be with my family is very
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comforting. >> reporter: for the first time on a 9/11 anniversary only the name of the victims were read here, no official speakers. >> we did the same thing for ten years. time to do something different. >> reporter: in afghanistan where the fighting continues over a decade later united states trooping marked the attacks at a memorial service. remembrances were held in the field in pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience, for at least the terror of that moment returns. >> reporter: and at the pentagon where flight 77 hit the building. >> somewhere a son is growing up with his father's eyes and a daughter has her mother's laugh, living reminders that those who died are with us still. >> that was tj reporting. the new york times said that the united states now has
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advanced warnings. >> they claim there were more warnings that first known. up next losing weight is a struggle but could be about more than diet and sometime. >> you always want to prepare for the next round of storms. check out our storm shield app. from abc2. . >> at the end of the day, [inaudible]. >> remembering a legend. remembering the man who brought football back. tonight we remember art when we come back. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done.
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hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. . the an anticipation building for announcement from apple on the i-phone 5. they are holding an event tomorrow in san francisco where it's
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expected to reveal the latest version of the i-phone. interesting analysts are already predicting it'll be the best smart phone of all time. experts expect 8 million units to sell and think it'll help the economy. >> 23 how out to watch the orioles and the orioles are tied for first. high five. jj hardy homers right here. that gets things going. hamels just didn't look right on this pitch. he got pulled. his right knee is barking. matt weeders had a three hit night and drove in two runs on this right off the wall. i want you to watch [inaudible]. i want you to watch how he goes the away far far the other way. look at that. that's gone. a pop up to short stop. ended up in the left field stands and then we started with jj, end at jj, second shot of the night orioles win.
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steve johnson with the third win. is this not a great shot? this is art. that is the way we will remember him. smiling, laughing. art made us love again. we fell in love with the man who put football back into our hearts and today we said good- bye to the founder of the ravens. ed reed was there, michael rob, peter all made it. so did the cowboys owner and the commissioner of football. david talked about his dad. >> man who defends the flag of baltimore and the flag of the ravens, on their knees praying with my father at his bed side with tears streaming down their face. perhaps one of the most powerful moments and --. >> since last trsday when
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art died at 87 there has been a ground swell of talk of getting him into the hall of fame. his son said that he is already in the hall, the hall of our hearts movement wonder why some can eat anything and never gain weight while others gain ten pounds just looking at things? >> sciencists have wondered to and now research find it's could have something to do with bacteria. why are some people over weight and others aren't? the lack of exercise and poor diet are they the only thing that lead to it? researchers don't think so. many believe a number of factors lead to being over weight. now researchers school of medicine have identified 26 different types of bacteria in the human system that appear to be linked to weight. they believe that they could cause a condition made up of
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different factors which increases the risk of heart problems and diabetes. >> elevated cholesterol, high fasting glucose, insulin resistance. >> the data was gathered from a study of lancaster county pennsylvania. it showed a link between a gut bacteria and inflammation. >> cancer,. >> reporter: now more research is needed to determine the chicken or the egg idea. >> 23 they find its part of the cause they may be able to find treatments. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast.
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>> the radar crystal clear. no surprise about that. it has been one crystal clear weather pattern. some of the blue skies with the abc2md weatherbug network. beautiful finish at the beach. this is the time of the year to be down at the beach. stay in the hotel room, clear, dry weather. water still warm. lot of the laurel camera. beautiful finish to the day. clear skies. temperatures drop off the current conditions, 60 now. humidity at nearly 80%. the dew point what we look at tonight in particular, 53. that is dry, dry air. sunset getting earlier, 7:21 and temperatures across central maryland. low 50s to near 60s. 60 in baltimore. 52 in york right now. all right across the area it's continuously clear right now. we have a few clouds earlier this evening out at
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pennsylvania. those are diminished. those were fair weather clouds and across the east coast right now we continue to stay clear. we do watch our next front at boundary that will be marching in out of the northern plain states here. asset showers lining up from -- the south of montana into nebraska area. and as we look at the trend here, here is the set up. lie pressure will continue to control tonight and into the day tomorrow. more sunshine. more sink air. more lack of cloud cover. don't forget the sunglasses as you head out the door and another day where you could probably crack the windows and maybe not have to crank the ac. into thursday this frontal boundary in to the northern plains will sink in to the northwest this will line up to bring us the potential of showers into the weekend. also perhaps a little bit of a disturbance off the coast developing by thursday night into friday. at this point in time doesn't look like it'll impact the dry weather around the midatlantic. right now the gulf is quiet.
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central atlantic is quiet. and -- graphic i just skipped would have shown tropical depression number 14, let me just step -- i want to bring that graphic back. i did want to point that out. something unique about this depression number 14, was that we do have the global hawk 86, a unmanned air craft flying in to this and it is showing some strengthening and new organization. unmanned nasa air craft took off from the dc area earl earlier today. interesting, almost like a weather drone headed toward that. unmanned hurricane hunter. tonight 52, we stay clear. tomorrow mostly 81, some spots could get warmer. another beautiful day. bring the sunglasses. 52, tomorrow night. clear, cool off late again. let's check out the next few days, sun will be the story. little warmer the next few afternoons, most of us in the
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70s and there is that frontal boundary in the northwest right now arriving for the weekend. that brings in the chance for showers, saturday, late day and then in perhaps sunday morning. overall not a bad set up. just want to point out the disturbance is way out there. who know itself it'll threaten us. technology. going into --. >> how quickly do we get it back? >> probably as early as tomorrow. >> that's cool. >> it is. >> safer. >> unmanned. i think the distance it can get less fuel, a lot of things. >> all right. more news coming up. >> here is a look at night line. >> coming you on night line extreme makeover trainer talking about the terrifying moment a man jumped in to the car with his 1-year-old inside and the billionaire behind the bottles of one hour energy. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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. if you go to flea markets you dream of a find like this. a woman picked up a masterpiece. she paid $7 for a box of items including an original piece. she didn't know what it was and the masterpiece -- sat in her house for a year. >> she put it in her in shed, in a plastic bag and then in her kitchen and then the back of the car. >> the woman's mother is the one who noticed the name on the edge of the painting suggested that they take it to an expert.
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an auction house said it was real. it could fetch 1 75,000 dollars. >> a retiring car dealer in michigan gave his former employee ace great parting gift. he gave out bonuses. each got a thousand dollars for every year they worked for the dealership. his wife said he did it out of love for them. >> he is a man that really admires loyalty and i think he had so many employee that were here for 20, 30, 40, some almost 50 years, i think he wanted to do something, something nice for them. >> that's nice. he is now enjoying retirement. 50 years, 50 grand. >> that's a nice nest egg. >> long stretch at any business. want to check it out this global hawk we are talking
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about. this drone hurricane hunter. launched out of virginia. all the way down into south atlantic now investigating tropical depression 14. clear tonight. sunshine tomorrow. again the outlook for the rest of the weekend is -- potential for showers will come in saturday and sunday. don't cancel plans. we will continue to update the weekend forecast. enjoy tomorrow. ñ[=
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. we on baby watch.
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good morning maryland anchor and his wife waiting, any minute. >> look at that. any minute. >> keep posted on when the baby arrives. >> very latest tomorrow on good morning maryland at 4:30. lue find out the latest about the news, weather and if the baby is here. >> all right. that's good stuff. >> wearing pink. >> [inaudible]. >> there is my sign. exit. time to go. >> have a good night. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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